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09 Mar 18
Parisa Alvandi
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Resources for the History of Mathematics from Clark University
Web resources; Regional mathematics; Subjects; Books and other resources; Chronology; Timelines.
Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Mathematics
The Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Mathematics, founded in 1974, promotes research and teaching in the history and philosophy of mathematics. To this end the Society engages in a number of activities:
CSHPM Bulletin; An Annual Meeting, held every May/June with the Canadian Learned Societies; its WWW site; History and Pedagogy of Mathematics Newsletter; Two official journals, Historia Mathematica and Philosophia Mathematica.
Links to CSHPM Services; Links to Sites Related to the History and Philosophy of Mathematics.

Bibliography of Collected Works of Mathematicians
By Steven W. Rockey, Mathematics Library, Cornell University


AMS–MAA Joint Archives Committee
Mission    Membership    Activities
List of Collections: Personal Papers and Institutional Records
How to Provide Further Information for the List of Collections
Guide for Potential Donors of Papers and Records
“Why Archive?” (previously published in FOCUS and Notices of the AMS.)