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Miscellaneous Lists

21 Feb 18
Parisa Alvandi
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Miscellaneous Lists provides links to guides of general interest, including sources for frequently asked questions (FAQs), quotations, etc.

  • Acronyms
    • A list of TLA (Three Letter Acronyms) and longer ones, as used on these lists
  • The Erdos Number Project at Oakland U (Rochester, MI USA)
    • Information on the graph of collaboration in mathematics maintained by Jerry Grossman.
  • Frequently Asked Questions in Mathematics at U Waterloo (ONT CA)
    • Maintained by by the Sci.Math FAQ Team (1991-1998)
  • Quotation Server at Furman U
    • An archive of quotations by famous people who were at one point in their lives intimately involved with mathematics.
    • Frequently asked questions about hundreds of topics